August 1976: we, Thijs and Rieneke Leenders got married and embarked on a honeymoon around the world. On this five year trip, we traveled across the five continents in a camper. Instead of shipping our tiny home, we chose to buy and sell our vehicle when crossing from one continent to the other. In between campers, travel by public transportation and at one time a motorcycle added to the adventure.

January 2015, we started our second honeymoon around the world. We like to revisit some favorite places, and explore the many sites we had missed the first time around. We chose to travel slow and simple, living in a twenty foot Mercedes Sprinter camper. We get excited when we find the most beautiful and exotic places the world has to offer. After decades of settled life, it takes a while to get used to the gypsy way again, but we see it progressing.

Our blog describes our experiences the way we feel it; we are not much interested in facts and data – these seem to leave our brains as fast as they come in. If you are interested in experiencing the world the way we do, go to the menu and find our entries, with the latest on top. If you like what you see, we urge you to subscribe to our blog, so you will get a notification as soon as a new entry is posted.

We’ll be looking forward to your reactions!

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